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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Now I know why there are people that sell their house and travel the country in their RVs.  Other than this being a holiday weekend it is great being able to sit here in the air conditioned comfort and watch the water, the people and the animals in this campground. After the crowd leaves tomorrow we will get out and do more sightseeing and fishing.  As it is, we and mostly Ed have met many of the fellow campers and even had an invitation to go to a Rodney Carrington show in Miami Oklahoma.

It was a good thing that we didn't take the nice couple up on the invitation because we had to help Lindsay yesterday.  Emma was sick and so they took her to a doctor in Grove.  Unfortunately that doctor's visit lasted over 3 hours and then Emma was sent to the Emergency Room.  The clinic doctor thought she had a case of the croup but the ER doctor said that it wasn't, but it took all that time to get her oxygen level to normal. I am so glad that we were here to help her out with Jackson.

I sure found out that I need to remember to charge my camera battery more often.  There were a few times yesterday that I wanted to take pictures, but alas my battery was dead. So now I will get it charged and show you our motorhome and the campground.

Take care, talk with you later.

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