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Friday, October 5, 2012


With very slow internet service I have been remiss in blogging.  I decided to just do it anyway without pictures and when I am able I will add another post with pictures. We have been busy seeing things that most people wouldn't find touristy.  We have spent several days with Mike and Vickie seeing Whole Foods flagship store in Austin.  It was amazing and if anyone reading is a foodie they really need to see this particular store. It is huge with underground parking and special escalators for the grocery carts. I know they have these in other places but the size of the store and the specialty items is unbelievable. We have had lunch at the Gristmill in Gruene Texas which is actually in New Braunfels, Texas now. The Gruene Dance Hall is right in front of the Gristmill and we walked through the Dance Hall and looked at many of the photos of country western stars that have played here.  You should see George Strait's early pictures since this is where he got his start. We drove around Texas State campus and finally found the dorm that I lived in 43 years ago.  It really is still there but almost hidden by all that has been built around it. Tomorrow we are going to Wimberley to Market Days.  It is a huge flea market and Mike and Vickie are volunteers there.  I will post again to tell all about that.  Glad you came to check on our fun.  Thanks for coming.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


In the last few days we have gone to IKEA, eaten at a favorite diner, had Ed's phone looked at by an Apple employee, and had lunch with Mike and Vickie at the Salt Lick BBQ.  IKEA was a destination in itself. Ed had never been in one and I thought he would enjoy it. We had their Swedish Meatball lunch and then I surprised Ed with ice cream at a little place called LICK. Oh my was this the absolute best ice cream I think I have ever had.  At the LICK their ice cream is made from all natural and organic ingredients all from Texas. They had flavors like Roasted Beets and Fresh Mint, Pecan Street Pralines and Cream, Goat Cheese, Thyme and Honey, and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Olive Oil. My favorite was the Goat Cheese. Another day when we went looking for the Apple store we stopped at Amy's Ice Cream. It is another artisan ice cream shop and both of us had Mexican Vanilla ice cream.  I can say it was a flavor I will attempt to recreate at home. WOW it was excellent.

Yesterday we met Mike and Vickie at their flag store in Wimberley Texas. It is Eagle Mountain Flags and they took us to the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood Texas.  That is about 15 miles from their store and almost to Austin. The Salt Lick has been on Food Network a number of times and has probably been on other channels as well. It was fantastic and I had to buy several bottles of their sauce to give as gifts.

Outside The Salt Lick BBQ

Look at this Pit

Can you believe this is in the Texas Hill Country??
This is an Italian Restaurant and Vineyard in Driftwood Texas

Saturday, September 22, 2012


It went something like that at the Texas State Football game. Forty years ago I was a student here and never went to a football game, but now being married to a football fanatic that was on our agenda while here in San Marcos, Texas. This afternoon Ed's cousin Mike and his wife Vickie came to visit and take us to the game.  One of their employees had given them 4 tickets and a parking pass too.  We all had dinner at the local cafeteria and it was great food.  We then headed over to the stadium and had a terrific time watching all the kids.  The team was winning and so that makes for a much more enjoyable experience also.  Mike has some things for us to see and do while we are here and I know we will enjoy it all.  I am so glad that Ed insisted on our Texas trip.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Here we are in San Marcos, Texas.  Our intention was to leave home on Tuesday and travel half way to San Marcos because it is almost 500 miles, but we didn't leave until today and so Ed wanted to get here so badly that he drove the entire way in one day.  He is pretty tired and so are the big dogs.  All three of them are already asleep and it is only just now 10:00 pm. 

We are in the Pecan Park RV Park and it is really really nice and the owners live in the house right in front of us.  Both Rachel and Dave and there 2 young boys have all been over to visit.  It is a great location because we are an hour or less away from most everything that we want to see and do in the next few weeks.  San Antonio, Austin and the Texas Hill Country are all call us to visit. 

Tomorrow I will try to get pictures of the RV Park and share those with you.  I guess it's time for me to hit the hay also.  It has been a very long day.

Talk with you all later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yessiree!! I did it. Now you ask what that is that I did, well I actually drove the motorhome and parked it. Of course I only drove it in the storage lot, but at least I drove it. I put it into gear and maneuvered it into its space. Now I hope I will get the courage to try it on the road someday, but who knows. I just had to tell about it.


I changed the name of our blog to include our "little ones".  Of course our little four legged children are 90-100 pound babies.  Yes they are really big boys and traveling with them is a challenge sometimes.  We came home from the lake on Saturday and they both wanted to ride under my feet.  Of course only one was able to do that and the other just sat right beside me.  I am not strong enough to walk both of them at the same time if they see a cat or something else that they find interesting, so Ed has the chore of usually walking them.  We also have to walk around them or over them in the motorhome and that is sometimes a little tricky with them being so large.  We certainly would not want to leave them at home because they are our family and I know everyone understands that.

We ended up spending 10 days at Grand Lake.  We really enjoyed Bernice State Park especially after the Labor Day crowd left.  Most of the time we just sat and enjoyed watching the water and the waterfowl.  I have to get better at taking more pictures.  I do have a few to share but not as many as I wish that I had.

I haven't posted since we went to Branson MO for the day last Wednesday.  Ed and I spent a little while in Branson in 2001 and since it has been 11 years ago neither of us recognized anything.  We couldn't even find the road to take to the place we stayed before.  It now reminds me of Pigeon Forge and that was like a carnival atmosphere. We drove around and finally just went shopping at one of the outlet malls. We decided to take a back route to get back home that afternoon.  It was really a very winding road for over an hour. I don't think we went very far, maybe 40 miles, but it was really slow going.

Our next trip is to Texas.  We are planning to leave next Tuesday and head to the Hill Country.  I don't know where we are going to stay or what we are going to do.  I have some ideas, but nothing is confirmed. I would like to go into San Antonio a couple of times.  Growing up there and spending so much time there, I have many places and restaurants I would like to go to again.  We are also planning to visit Ed's aunts and uncles that live in Texas.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Now I know why there are people that sell their house and travel the country in their RVs.  Other than this being a holiday weekend it is great being able to sit here in the air conditioned comfort and watch the water, the people and the animals in this campground. After the crowd leaves tomorrow we will get out and do more sightseeing and fishing.  As it is, we and mostly Ed have met many of the fellow campers and even had an invitation to go to a Rodney Carrington show in Miami Oklahoma.

It was a good thing that we didn't take the nice couple up on the invitation because we had to help Lindsay yesterday.  Emma was sick and so they took her to a doctor in Grove.  Unfortunately that doctor's visit lasted over 3 hours and then Emma was sent to the Emergency Room.  The clinic doctor thought she had a case of the croup but the ER doctor said that it wasn't, but it took all that time to get her oxygen level to normal. I am so glad that we were here to help her out with Jackson.

I sure found out that I need to remember to charge my camera battery more often.  There were a few times yesterday that I wanted to take pictures, but alas my battery was dead. So now I will get it charged and show you our motorhome and the campground.

Take care, talk with you later.