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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I changed the name of our blog to include our "little ones".  Of course our little four legged children are 90-100 pound babies.  Yes they are really big boys and traveling with them is a challenge sometimes.  We came home from the lake on Saturday and they both wanted to ride under my feet.  Of course only one was able to do that and the other just sat right beside me.  I am not strong enough to walk both of them at the same time if they see a cat or something else that they find interesting, so Ed has the chore of usually walking them.  We also have to walk around them or over them in the motorhome and that is sometimes a little tricky with them being so large.  We certainly would not want to leave them at home because they are our family and I know everyone understands that.

We ended up spending 10 days at Grand Lake.  We really enjoyed Bernice State Park especially after the Labor Day crowd left.  Most of the time we just sat and enjoyed watching the water and the waterfowl.  I have to get better at taking more pictures.  I do have a few to share but not as many as I wish that I had.

I haven't posted since we went to Branson MO for the day last Wednesday.  Ed and I spent a little while in Branson in 2001 and since it has been 11 years ago neither of us recognized anything.  We couldn't even find the road to take to the place we stayed before.  It now reminds me of Pigeon Forge and that was like a carnival atmosphere. We drove around and finally just went shopping at one of the outlet malls. We decided to take a back route to get back home that afternoon.  It was really a very winding road for over an hour. I don't think we went very far, maybe 40 miles, but it was really slow going.

Our next trip is to Texas.  We are planning to leave next Tuesday and head to the Hill Country.  I don't know where we are going to stay or what we are going to do.  I have some ideas, but nothing is confirmed. I would like to go into San Antonio a couple of times.  Growing up there and spending so much time there, I have many places and restaurants I would like to go to again.  We are also planning to visit Ed's aunts and uncles that live in Texas.

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