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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Here we are in San Marcos, Texas.  Our intention was to leave home on Tuesday and travel half way to San Marcos because it is almost 500 miles, but we didn't leave until today and so Ed wanted to get here so badly that he drove the entire way in one day.  He is pretty tired and so are the big dogs.  All three of them are already asleep and it is only just now 10:00 pm. 

We are in the Pecan Park RV Park and it is really really nice and the owners live in the house right in front of us.  Both Rachel and Dave and there 2 young boys have all been over to visit.  It is a great location because we are an hour or less away from most everything that we want to see and do in the next few weeks.  San Antonio, Austin and the Texas Hill Country are all call us to visit. 

Tomorrow I will try to get pictures of the RV Park and share those with you.  I guess it's time for me to hit the hay also.  It has been a very long day.

Talk with you all later.

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  1. Ed will soon learn to cut the number of hours he travels for a number of reasons. 1. You are going to be tired for days now not really enjoying yourself and even the dogs need more free running time. 2. You went from point A to point B to see something and missed everything in between. 3. Being retired now what is the rush? You can't relax like that and it's bad for your health. 4. The shorter treks allow you to be certain your vehicles are not developing problems like tires, brakes or cooling systems.

    Hopefully soon you'll learn what this lifestyle is all about. Relax, Be Safe and Enjoy life it's the little things that count.

    It's about time.