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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I guess you are asking what running out of colors really means. I was just watching Sam Champion on Good Morning America and he said that the heat here in Oklahoma is so high that they ran out of colors for their map. It is going to be a record breaking day of 110 degrees and yesterday was only 108.  No wonder after all of our errands we didn't feel like doing anything.  It really is the dog days of summer around here.

On an upside, we were able to get the generator going yesterday, it even started the air conditioners, with just a little help from Thor.  The young man tried to help but even he couldn't figure it all out.  He said that we had a black box with the transfer switch under the bed.  Haha we fooled him.  There was no such animal under there.  He had to do a lot of research and ask his fellow techies (we could hear him asking them). At least it made us feel a little better that we weren't so stupid after all when the manufacturer's rep didn't know either.

Our plans have been to leave Oklahoma in about 3 weeks and head to Georgia, then go up the east coast to see our daughter in Maryland. I have been saying all along that September is a good time for hurricanes and we may even have to go west during that time, but Ed hadn't paid any attention until the news this morning saying that a couple of tropical storms were starting out in the Atlantic. You know it's terrible to always be right. :)) Now Ed is saying that we may not be able to follow through with our original plans. What's new?

I think I have most of this blog thing figured out, but now I just have to start adding photos.  That is my goal for today. I am really starting to have fun writing about nothing, as that is all I feel like I have to write about at the present time.

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  1. But you did write abut something the fact that you may not be going through with your original plans is something. Many people have plans A, B, C, D, you get the idea. Stay flexible besides being retired What's the Rush? Be Safe Stay Cool and Enjoy!

    Another word of advice is many people our age have trouble deciphering those word verifications that google puts out so they don't comment. The worst that can happen if you remove it is you might have to delete a few stupid comments. also check you spam folder because often times google will mark honest comments as spam.

    It's about time.