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Friday, July 27, 2012


Another day of frustration. We still haven't been able to take the motorhome out for it's initial trial. We keep going to the storage unit trying to figure things out.  I think we have most everything figured out except the generator. When we went through the run through at the dealership we thought we were paying attention, but alas we missed the part about how to get the generator running and now can't figure it out. We have looked and looked for a transfer switch, we have tried starting the engine and letting it run to charge the batteries, but that is to no avail.  I guess we will just have to call the manufacturer and let them help.

I forgot to tell you about our frustrations yesterday.  This is so typical for us too. We wanted to get everything done before our trip that we were able to do here in Oklahoma, so we wanted to purchase a Senior Access Pass (formerly the Golden Access Pass). I looked on the internet and found that the place to purchase one here was at the Murrah Building Bombing Memorial Museum. We went there and were told they no longer sold them there but to go across the street to the new Federal Building. We then trotted over there and were told that they no longer sold them in that building either. The young guard was so nice and wrote down the address that we had to go to in Moore, Ok. It was now at the Bureau of Land Management. That was in the opposite direction from our house, but we were determined to accomplish this little feat and we finally did just that.  What should have taken us about 10 minutes turned into an all afternoon task. Oh well, we are retired so why should we care. Unfortunately, Ed still is more impatient than he should be.


  1. Now Ed you know that you've always been a patient sort of person when it comes to the Lord's Day, Sunday. Also now that you are retired you have forgotten another very important thing and that is Every Day is Sunday. It takes time but you'll get used to it. Sometimes I even forget.

    Blogs are wonderful because you can say as much or as little as you wish to say. You have to remember you are writing this as a journal for your own records, but like Kathy and I have chosen to share those experiences with anyone who chooses to read it.

    You should feel priveleged to be able to write of such simple things because many sit back reading your blog wishing they had the ability to do the things that you'll write about.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Don't sweat the small stuff. Some things will go smooth and the other things will take time. Just enjoy all of it. Nothing like being retired.