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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ed and I picked up the Big White Buggy yesterday and headed home today.  It was my first time in this big a  vehicle other than a Greyhound bus. (I rode the bus often as a kid). It started out pretty scary and we were doing a fair amount of yelling because we were both extremely nervous.  The wind was horrendous and neither of us knew where we were going. Oh, of course we knew the highway numbers but when we got into town and had to follow the road signs, well that was a different story. Ed wasn't listening and thought he knew the best way to get through town. You need to ask him how that worked out for us!

With much tension and disagreements we finally made it to the house after about 7 hours.  We didn't think that was too bad but were totally worn out.  At times the wind was whipping the buggy so much that I personally was getting sore from trying to stay in the seat. I guess those muscles will be getting more work out from now on.

We don't know where our travels are going to take us, but we are looking forward to the adventures. It will be several weeks before we take off, so in the mean time I am going to attempt to learn how this blogging works. I hope you will follow us along the way.  Thanks for coming!!!

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